canned soupRescuing and donating food that would otherwise go to waste is one important way we can combat food waste. Californians throw out over 11 billion pounds of food waste every year, and Napa ranks 45th for food insecurity out of California’s 58 counties!

Learn more about food waste and other ways we can reduce the alarming amount of food that frequently goes to waste. Find out the best way to dispose of food scraps here.

Please note that our annual curbside canned food drive has moved from March to September. Check our Tips, News & Events page for details. For year-round involvement, please make use of the resources below.

Local Organizations

The following local organizations accept both prepared and canned food. Please no outdated canned goods, open containers, homemade or perishable foods for drop-off locations. You must call ahead to make arrangements for prepared and/or perishable food donations.  You can also see this comprensive list of Napa County food distribution locations.

The Good Samaritan Act (Public Law 104-210) protects you from liability when donating to nonprofit organizations.

Feeding it Forward | (707) 200-3691 | Email

Napa Food Project | (707) 252-7743 | Email

Napa Valley Food Bank
1766 Industrial Way, Napa | (707) 253-6128 | Email

The Table (First Presbyterian Church)
1333 Third St, Napa | (707) 224-8693 | Email

Puertas Abiertas
952 Napa St, Napa | (707) 224-1786 | Email

Salvation Army
590 Franklin St, Napa | (707) 226-8150 | Email

California Human Development Farmworker Center (Up Valley)
3996 North St. Helena Highway, Calistoga | (707) 696-1132